Changelog for Genova 2.6

Changelog 2.6 to 2.6.1

We fixed two major bugs:

  • Problem with genova_init_method (); in flipthemes-options/theme-functions.php – jQuery gets now registered right
  • Lightbox: missing CSS

Since Version 2.5 of Genova we changed and fixed some things:

  • Gallery / Portfolio: Link works now even if there is no preview image
  • Archive-Pages now lists all requested posts
  • Changes for sidebar: looks nice on first installation now
  • custom.css and CSS-file for Genova-style are now loaded before any JS-file is loaded
  • Minified CSS
    • moved styles from style.css to screen.css
    • Lightbox and print.css in screen.css
  • Minified JavaScript
    • NivoSlider, Lightbox and color.js in plugins.js
    • combined font for Cufón and Cufón core in cufon.js
  • Get jQuery from Google server with local fallback
  • Updated jQuery-core from 1.4.2 to 1.4.4
  • Rewrote genova_init_method to register jQuery for plugins
  • plugins.js and main.js right before the closing body-tag
  • moved initialisation for slider and Cufón to main.js and load function only if elements and functions are part of page
  • Added .htaccess-File
    • enabled gzip/deflate-Compression
    • enabled browser-caching

As a result of all the optimization we score ten (!) more points in Google Page Speed Analyzer compared to Genova 2.6. Now we get 89/100 for home.

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